Sunday, February 5, 2012

January Training

Over the past week I got some good training in and January came to an end.  Typically the end of January means its time for my son's birthday on February 1st.  It still meant that this year, but I got in a whole lot of training this January compared to last January.  Why?  First the week.

12,000 yards, 4 swims, 4:38.  3K yards a swim.

Had some good workouts with 200's and a ladder.  Shoulder still feels good.  Focusing on rotating my body has helped a lot.  Now I'm trying to get that rotation, or hip movement to add power to my stroke.  I heard rotate your hips "forward" a couple of weeks ago.  I think it helps with my catch and pull as well.

77.8 miles, 2 rides, 3:41, plus 1hr on the Y trainer.

Got a couple of really good rides in over the weekend.  Both from a performance standpoint and a "HTFU" standpoint.  Still just doing some base rides.  Not planning on adding intervals or tempo rides for a few weeks.  I'm doing intervals on the trainer, so that helps.  Saturday morning was 45 degrees and raining.  Well raining off and on.  Streets were all wet, but it wasn't raining when I started.  Got a couple of good showers on me, but no real downpours.  As you can see from the pic, my "white" socks are pretty nasty.  My feet were just frozen by the end of the ride.  Jumped straight into the shower afterward, and it was prolly one of the most satisfying showers I've had!  I rode Doby's Bridge Road to Van Wyck and Waxhaw, and then came back to 521 on Kensington and then back up Doby's.  It's become one of my favorite rides.  47M at a 21.1 avg.  I felt like I was officially 'hardcore' at the end of it.  Sunday afternoon was cloudy and overcast.  A little warmer at 52 degrees.  Rode Doby's again but turned around before the end and went up to Regent Parkway and back.  30M at 21.0 avg.

9 miles, 3 runs, 1:04

Just easing back into it.  Felt good on all the runs.  Just 3M each run.  Ran one at a 6:50 pace and one at 6:56 pace.  I'll do a little more next week.

93.7 miles, 10 workouts, 10:24

January Totals:
46,400 yards,  18 swims, 17:42
Highest swim yardage month ever!  Really taking the 'January Fish' thing to heart.  Plus, I've always said I would swim more if my shoulder didn't hurt . . .

284.4 miles, 8 rides, 3 trainer sessions, 16:56
Almost 250M more than last January on the roads.  Having a bike helps. 20.8 mph avg for the 8 rides outside.  Love riding outside.  It's certainly nice to be able to ride outside all year round in South Carolina.

6 miles, 2 runs, 0:42
So I just got back into running at the end of the month.  The running will fall into place, I'm not that worried about it.

316.8 miles, 31 workouts, 35:20
About 50% more time than last January.  Swam more a biked a lot more.  The Charleston Half seems to be getting close.  The realization that April 21st is now only 11 weeks away is starting to motivate me pretty good.  Sometimes it seems that I won't be ready for my first half.  On the other hand, no matter what I do, I'm sure I won't feel ready.  

I did get another little Christmas/Birthday present from UPS this past week.  Pics next week, but here's a hint: It will help me go faster on the bike!