Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pointy Helmet Time

There comes a time in every triathlete's life (?career) that they have to ask themselves one single question: Should I get an Aero Helmet?  Well, I'm of the opinion that if you have to ask, then you shouldn't.  So I didn't really ask (I got some cash from Christmas and my Birthday).  First the week:

12,800 yards, 4 swims, 5:09, Some pretty slow sessions this week.  Kinda tired near the end

81 miles, 2 rides, 3:55, plus 1 hr on the Y trainer.  Super Windy ride on Saturday, felt like I was dragging an anchor at times.

13 miles, 3 runs, 1:34.  Got a couple of 5M runs in over the weekend.  Good 23 degrees Sunday morning 5 miler.

101.2 miles, 10 workouts, 11:38.  Starting to get some good time in.

So It's always fun when a UPS box with your name on it gets delivered, right?  Especially when you know its a new toy, and not something like humidifier filters.  They just aren't as fun to get.

The first box just boxed the second box with all the cool artwork.  Both boxes got shipped out the same  day that I ordered them online. Although it took a week to get here from California.  

In the box was a cool bag with more artwork.  The helmet came this way packaged in the bag.

Here it is in all it's Fluo Glory!

Here's basically what all came in the box:

But as I discovered later, there were actually (4) different front inserts.  I was actually about to throw the box out when I found the other inserts.

The inserts just pop in and out of the front.  Vented or not, "Chrome" or White.
I'm kinda partial to the "Chrome" myself.

I haven't done a race hot enough (or long enough?) for a vent yet, but maybe this year!

Underneath the the straps that fit your head is adjustable (like a hard hat if your familiar with that).  So you can get it fit pretty good.  I think this is why they go with the "one size fits all".  It fits me great, so I either have an average head, I got lucky, or other people are just too picky.  The piece under the tail is removable as well for further ventilation.  I doubt I'll need that at this point in time however.  I saw where some people even tape over the rear vents for more aerodynamics.

How does it look?  Well I haven't gotten it on the road yet, but it looks totally Freakin Cool!  Plus it is lighter than crap.  Make my $35 Giro feel like a bag of bricks.

Why the lime green?  Well I've decided to totally dive into the lime green accents on my B16.  I've always kinda liked the color.  I just need to find some race wheels and tires with the lime green and I'll be well on my way.  Right before I placed the order for the helmet, I started to waffle on whether I should just go with the Black.  But I think I made the right decision.  

I'll have to take it out for a short training ride to test it out.  I don't want to look like a real Tri Dork for a 2 hour ride with it.  Hopefully I can get in a time trial at CMS or Rock Hill to get a good 10 mile test on it.  I'll post an update them.