Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2017 Know Your Craft 5K Race Report

If there's one thing that I have learned from consistently training and racing over the last few years is that I'm constantly learning.  Every workout offers new learning opportunities.  Every Race certainly does that as well.  As I get older, I find that many of the things that I "knew", are unfortunately no longer true.  My body reacts differently, and mentally I react differently.  I find that I need more rest after hard weeks.  This old body just doesn't bounce back like it used to. When I started to feel a little under the weather the Monday before the Triple C 5K, I didn't really worry about it much. I usually just feel sick for like a day and a half.
The Jersey
I was going into a recovery week, but I was still going to do some shortened interval workouts.  Well, I felt so tired that I skipped the interval run Monday and the interval ride Tuesday.  I did swim all week, but other than that, just ran 3 miles Thursday morning.  Even that was a struggle.  Honestly, if this had been any other race, or longer than a 5K, I would have stayed in bed.
Lead Vehicle
But this race is so fun.  So many of my swim friends would be there.  You get a free pint glass. And there is free beer.  I wasn't that sick, just felt extremely tired, and wasn't really getting any energy back as the week went along.  Luckily this race isn't until 9am, so you don't have to get up super early.
Nice shirt again this year
Parking this year was a little more difficult than last year.  Many of the apartment buildings that were under construction last year are now finished.  Last year I just parked on Youngblood a block and a half from the Triple C Brewery.  This year I had to park several blocks away at the Wells Fargo bank parking lot at South Blvd and New Bern St.

I parked there and walked over to get my race number at the brewery.  I saw Jeremy helping with packet pickup, and then I talked to Karen for a bit.  I saw Paul and some of the other EPT racers. Then I decided it was time to get changed.  I walked back over to the car and pinned my number onto my race singlet.  Grabbed a gel and drank some water, hid my key and I was off on a warmup.

I actually didn't feel that bad on the warmup.  I mean it was at a 8 min pace, which is what usually do. After the warmup, I did some pickups back behind the start line to stretch out my legs and get used to the pace.  I was feeling OK when I toed the start line.  It was a nice morning, about 50 degrees. Really perfect for a 5K.  We listened to Emily's incredible rendition of the National Anthem. They gave us a countdown, and we were off.

I knew the first mile was fast from last year.  Especially the first part. I split a 5:20 opening mile last year.  So I was pushing really good.  It really felt bad.  And not like normal bad.  Like my whole body just ached. I was kinda hoping it would settle in, but I came through the first mile and split a 5:33.  Right then I knew I was pretty much off my game.  I mean (what seemed like) more effort for a slower split.

Then after the first mile you start coming up to the turn off of Tryon Street.  Then at a slight hill, I was just like ooof.  This is getting bad.  I started getting passed.  I tried to push and it felt like I was, but the pace was just not coming.  More pain in the second mile coming back on the light rail trail.  I split a 6:25. So now I'm like running a slower pace than I averaged for the ENTIRE half marathon at Corporate Cup a few weeks ago.

Now in the last mile, I'm like, is this thing over yet?  As I come down near the end of the rail trail, Laurent passes me. Great.  Then as we make the turn at New Bern Station, I see Jen yelling at me.  We start to make the weave around back to the brewery and CA is there as well cheering people on. I tried to push to the end and catch someone. Anyone. But the body would just not have it.
Speed (haha) and Cadence
Laurent almost took a wrong turn, but alas someone yelled at him and he was able to finish comfortably ahead of me.  I sauntered in with a 19:26. Full Results Here.

After I came across, I grabbed some water and just sat on a rock for a few minutes.  I was pretty tired. I grabbed a banana and some more water.  I obviously didn't win Masters again, but I was able to win my age group.  But then again, this race is less about place than it is about friends.

Eventually I found the Epoch/Performance Therapy Team people and we all got in line for our free beer.  The beer actually tasted pretty good at that point.  I do like me some Golden Boy. So we hung out for a bit until the awards, and walked over there.  Many (most?) of the EPT crew got awards.  I got a really nice pair of Balega socks and a $20 gift card to Omega Sports (are they still open?).  After that everyone pretty much started to head out.  I walked back to the car and headed home myself.
Still got got Stuff!
At home I laid in the recliner and watched TV for the rest of the day. Not really moving much.  I didn't do anything on Sunday either.  But by Monday I was feeling much better and was able to resume training.  So in summary: Racing Sick Stinks.  Hopefully I will never do it again!
Me with the EPT Crew!