Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mid-February Fun

Training weather in SC this time of year can be hit or miss.  Sometimes it's 70, sometimes its snowing.  Almost got a little of each this week (actually this weekend).  Without further ado, the week:

13,000 yards, 4 swims, 5:15.  Good volume.  The four different workouts were 1) 100's and 150's 2) Ladder 3) Long set (in this case 2,200 straight) and 4) 200's kinda a fartlek as in 50 easy then 50 hard.  The last workout actually seems to go by pretty fast.  Much better for me than straight 200's.  That is a mentally taxing workout for me.  Next week is my last higher volume week.  Higher volume for me that is!

43.8 miles, 1 ride (Boo!), 2:03, plus 1hr on the Y trainer.  I wussed out on the Sunday afternoon ride.  40 degrees, raining, windy, temp dropping rapidly (the bad weather side of SC February).  I thought I was hardcore, but I guess I still need some HTFU'ing.  Glad I got a good ride in on Saturday at 21.3 mph average.  Good news is that next weekend's weather and schedule are much more favorable.

18 miles, 3 runs, 2:10.  Good week of running as I'm slowing building back.  5M on Wed night relaxed.  Then 5M on Saturday about 2.5 hrs after my bike ride.  Felt it in the beginning but ended up averaging 6:50's on the run.  Felt almost hot near the end!  Sunny and mid 60's and almost took the t-shirt off (the good weather side of SC February).  Sunday morning put in 8M and felt pretty good.  Wanted to run 7:30's but ended up at 7:16 avg.  Feel pretty encouraged about my running for the Charleston Half.  Just not sure how that's gonna feel after 56M hard on the bike!

69.2 miles, 9 workouts, 10:28

Just 9 weeks until Charleston.  The swim is what it is, not worried about it.  The running seems to be coming along.  Need more saddle time, though.  I'll continue base work through February and then start some intervals and tempos on the bike and run in March.