Sunday, January 29, 2012

Time to Start Running!

So its almost the end of January.  Its been 11 weeks since I have gone for a run.  Well, 11 weeks ago it wasn't just a "run", but a marathon!  I was going to take all of January off from running, but I just couldn't stand it.  I mean this is the Tri Runner Rick blog, right?  I had to get some new shoes, but first the week:

11,200 yards, 4 swims, 4:19.  Shoulder felt good all week. Rotate, Rotate, Rotate!

80.1 miles, 2 rides, 3:54, Plus 1hr on the Y trainer.  Some chilly rides this weekend.  28 deg on Sunday!

6 miles, 2 runs, 0:42. Good runs for the first in a while.  3M on Sunday at 6:57 pace.  Felt winded but good.

92.5 miles, 9 workouts, 9:55

As I mentioned, I got new shoes.  I had been running in my current shoes since March of 2009.  Didn't put that many miles in during 2009 and 2010.  I'm an Asics man.  I only buy Asics, and I wear a size 9.  Makes it pretty easy to shop for some cheap shoes on the internet.  I've found that cheaper shoes do me better by not restricting my foot as much.  Don't interpret that as some nod towards minamilist running.  I run in orthotics and I need to (read: ITB syndrome).

Anyways, I scour the internet for Cheap Asics.  Usually not Ebay or Craigslist but I just search and compare 8-10 sites and see what their specials are.  I got my last pair from Eastbay, but they really didn't have any good deals this time.  So the winner this year was "".

I ordered the shoes over the weekend, and voila: new shoes when I got home from work on Wednesday.  Pretty good service I have to say.  Surely helps that they shipped out of Ohio instead of California, like everything else I order it seems.  (The Yankz did not come with, I picked them up earlier).

They are Asics Gel Impression 3's.  Never heard of 'em before.  I really don't read anything past Asics Gel Size 9.  I like most websites now that you can search by size, brand and sort by price.  I've been using elastic laces for the last year and I've really grown to like them.  Just slip them on, no tying.  They also seem to help my feet on long runs (15+ milers).  I previously had to do a lace adjustment every few miles after 13M or so.  Now with the elastics, my feet feel great.  I stopped by Inside Out Sports to pick some up, but they didn't have the usual kind I get, so I picked up the Yankz brand.  Can't be that bad, I mean Macca won Kona in them, right?  At least that's what the ad said.

These "Yankz" are a little different than the ones I used before.  The previous ones were a bit simpler, but I like the concept of the Yankz.  Being able to tighten from the top or bottom will prolly come in handy.  I followed the instructions and laced them up.  Flipping the loop down onto the "triangle" was pretty simple.

My first run on Saturday felt pretty good in them. It always takes me a little bit of time to get shoes broken in, but I have plenty of time before Charleston in April.  The shoes themselves felt pretty good.  A little bit of a 'clodhopper' feel to them.  Kinda bulky, but good for a training shoe.  What do you want for $45 delivered?  I'm pretty happy with the feel for that price!