Sunday, January 15, 2012

Resoluters: Admire or Admonish?

So its the New Year and time for all the couch potatoes to start working out (again).  Does it bother you or not?  First the week in training:

9,600 yards, 4 swims, 3:40.  Put the intervals on the shelf Friday and did a 1,600 yard straight set.

72.8M, 2 rides, 3:30. Plus 1hr on the trainer at the Y.  Good 45M on Saturday, struggled the last 15M

78.2M, 7 workouts, 8:10

As happens this time of year (every year) the Y gets packed.  It usually doesn't impact me too much.  I get in the pool at 5am where most of the Resoluters head upstairs for the weights, treadmills, stairclimbers, yoga and zumba.  Anyway I know enough people at 5am in the pool that if I have to jump in a lane with someone, I already know them.  As has become my habit, I just swim to one side of the lane anyways so someone can just jump right on in anytime.  One of my tri buddies typically does that.  Sometimes I didn't even realize he was in there.

So here's the rub: the locker room.  At 6am when I get out to get showered, it is packed.  On Tuesday all the showers were taken.  Never seen that before.  Then everyone is trying to get dressed at the same time at the lockers.  There were plenty of awkward and uncomfortable situations.  There was a bag in front of my locker.  I figure the guy is in the shower, no big deal.  I stand there unlock my combination lock, and then I have to move the bag to open the locker.  So I start to move the bag and the guy right next to me then grabs it.  It's his bag.  So why don't you grab it when you see me fumbling around with the lock?  Really? Don't give me the look like I'm inconveniencing you.  You could have grabbed your bag and I never would have had to touch it.

Anyways, I'm sure you've read the thread over on Beginner Triathlete regarding the Resoluters.  He basically says they should be admired for actually getting off their duff and trying to work out.  I think he makes some great points.  I think for the most part, I wish them well.  I hope they stick with it.  I still can't quite figure out people who work out for a few weeks and then that's it.  I guess they just have themselves convinced that all they have to do is show up at the Y and the pounds will come off or the fitness will just appear.  Its hard work, you have to have goals.  But as I say: Everything in Life comes back to a Seinfeld episode:

It's ok.  They'll all be gone by the middle of February anyways.