Monday, July 16, 2012

Christmas in July!!!!

So I was on vacation the entire week of July 4th.  I did have internet access, so I could check my email (which I did every day, plus my work email, but let's not get into that).  So on Monday July 2nd I got the email that my FLO wheels had shipped!  They were coming USPS and it said expected delivery on July 11th, a Wednesday.  I ordered back in February as I posted on it here.

So I was quite excited to say the least.  I followed the USPS tracking all week.  Well if you ever tracked anything with a USPS number, as opposed to a UPS number, you will know that it really doesn't give you much information.  So basically it was put on a truck in Las Vegas and slowly made its way to the Carolinas.  Not really any update until like Sunday when suddenly it said they would be delivered the next day, which was a couple of days early.  So when I got home, this was on my doorstep:

Oh the excitement!  It literally felt like Christmas morning when you were a kid!  I basically couldn't do anything else until I opened the boxes.   

Two boxes and one weighs more than the other.  Must be a 60 and a 90!

The Brothers mentioned that there was a delay from the Factory in Taiwan and that they had shipped via Air to save a couple of weeks.  I guess they weren't lying!

So I popped open the the first box:

And it was beautiful!

So as you can see, a Front 60 and a Rear 90.  Plus they also sent skewers and rim tape.  But it wasn't really rim tape, it was basically a round elastic band that fit around the rim with an opening for the valve.  That was really nice.  I think it works a lot better than rim tape.  You just have to work the hole around to the right spot because it moves as you are putting it on.

Front FLO 60

Rear Flo 90

Now if that doesn't make Green Lightning look like a BAMF, nothing will.  I used Vittoria Latex tubes with 51mm stems.  I put a 30mm Tufo extender on the front and a 60mm Tufo extender on the rear.  The tires are Michellin Pro 3 Race "Flash Yellow".  I thought the flash yellow would be closer to lime green, but that didn't quite work out.  Luckily the green on the FLO is a pretty close match to my B16.  I also got a Ultegra 11-25 cassette that I put on there so I can swap the wheels out pretty quickly

I can literally swap out the set in about 5 minutes.  The brakes are easy to adjust.  The rear I just have to open all the way and the front I just have to adjust about 3/4 of the way out.  So no clearance issues at all (thankfully!)

I got thunderstormed out on my first planned ride on Friday night, which I was ultra bummed out about.  Especially since on Saturday morning I had a long ride planned, so I didn't ride them then.  So Sunday morning I finally put them on for a 50M ride.

They ride so smooth and clean.  You can accelerate almost instantly on a flat or slight downgrade.  I wasn't super fast in them as my legs were pretty tired from the 80M ride the previous morning and a tempo run in the afternoon.  I do like the sound.  It's not overwhelming, but it is definitely distinct.  I do have a little trouble getting into the 11 gear sometimes.  If I stop pedaling for split second and start back up again it seems to pop in.  I'll have to look into that.

I plan on hammering them on a tempo ride next Friday night to really put them to the test.  Can't wait for that.  Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't show off my father's day present: Bike Stickers!

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