Sunday, July 29, 2012

HammerFest 2K12

Welcome to HammerFest 2K12!   One week where I try and work out as much as possible.  Total hammertime for the entire week.  It has to be a week where the boys are up with my parents.  I got lucky this year that I didn't have any customers at work.  The weather cooperated pretty well.  Only had a few hiccups in the schedule, but came pretty close to all my goals.

11,000 yards, 4 swims, 4:19
Swam Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat.  Swims went pretty well.  Did a 1,650 time trial on Sat they went well (for me).  Hit it in 32:19, or 1:57's.  Felt pretty pleased about that

266.2 miles, 5 rides, 12:22
Biked Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, and Sun.  Didn't get rained out, though I did get rained on.  Got home late on Wed, so rode about 10M short.  Made up for that on Fri and Sun.  Saturday's long ride got cut short because my rear derailleur cable broke about 50M in.  I got in 70M but was hoping for 85M.  Pretty pleased with the week.  Overall average of 21.5 for the week.  Fri tempo was 22.2 oal (20M in 23.8).  Long ride Saturday was 21.4.  Even Sunday didn't feel like I was dying.

40 miles, 4 runs, 4:38
Ran Tues, Thu, Sat, and Sun.  Got a good 15M run in on Tues under 7's.  Thur Tempo was disappointing due to the heat.  Sat intervals went well even in the heat.  Sundays 6M brick run was good at 6:45's.  Got some good heat training in.  Good mileage and my hip felt good.

Lift Weights
3 Lifts, 1:00
Managed to get all my lifts in!

312.4 miles, 13 SBR workouts, 22:20 total
Quite the time total!  Feel great about the week even with cutting my long ride 15M short.  Pretty tired on Sunday afternoon to say the least.  Now time to rest for Stumpy Creek Oly next weekend!