Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Happened to May?

Whoa, so May is gone? WTH?  I guess after the Charleston Race I chilled out some and then kinda took some easy weeks before I officially started Augusta Training on May 14th.  That constitutes 20 weeks out from the September 30th Ironman 70.3 race.  May was a much better training month than April.  Only missed 1 day of training and that was on the 27th (Camping up in Boone).

30,000 yards, 13 swims, 11:47
I had some good swims and some bad (slow) swims.  It seems that whenever I do an interval longer than 100 yards, my pace really dies.  Maybe its a mental thing at this point, but I did have some good 100 repeat workouts.

517.1 miles, 11 rides, 23:43, 21.8 mph overall average
Starting to really get into some bike shape.  Last couple of rides for the month was a 30 miler Tempo at 23.4 mph, and then a 50 miler at 22.2 mph in some hard rain.  Earlier in the month I did a 61.5 miler at a 21.7 avg.  Feeling confident about my biking.

104 miles, 14 runs, 12:16
Just kind of a hodge podge of long runs (10M) and some intervals (2min) and some 3M tempo runs.  Hills are still killing me.  I need to do some more intervals to get ready for the Baxter Tri.

4:10, 9 lifts
Gonna start to 3x a week now that soccer and baseball and cub scouts are over for the summer.

638.1 miles, 51:57, 38 SBR workouts

So now the training grind begins.  I will take a short break to do the Baxter Y Tri on June 23rd.  Just a sprint with 300yd pool swim, 16M hilly bike, and then the obligatory 5K run (though this course is closer to 3.4 miles).

Just getting ready to do some serious training.  Keeping with my "hammer the bike everytime you get on the thing" strategy.  Just need to up it to 4x a week.  Need to do some weeks with 4 runs, but gonna keep the swims at 3x week.  This is when the fun begins!