Sunday, May 6, 2012

Awesome April

April was a big month with the completion of my first Half Iron triathlon.  As I speculated before, I never really did think I would feel like I was ready.  My approach to bike training seems to be panning out.  Simply enough it is basically "Ride Hard".  I feel like since (especially right now) I'm only riding 3 days a week, the other 4 days offer plenty of "rest".  I don't need recovery rides.  I try to average over 21 mph on every ride.  So now, as the great Greg Lemond once said "It doesn't get easier, you just get faster".

20,770 yards, 10 swims, 7:45
Got a few good swims in.  Really pleased with my last hard workout before the race.  I did 3x200's that I got faster on each one.  Took a week off after the race and I surely paid for it when I got back in the pool.  That workout was brutal.  Still a certain lack of motivation.  A far cry from my 50K February.

465.9 miles, 10 rides, 21:19, overall average 21.8 mph
Starting to get some serious rides in. Still no ride less than 30M (except for a little 3M ride before the race to test the aero helmet and practice mount/dismount).  Had a good 30M ride at 22.5, and a good 52M at 22.0.  The 56M race was my longest ride to date this year.

79 miles, 11 runs, 9:31
Still keeping the runs to 3 days a week.  Got some good interval runs in (most was only 6x2min).  The best run was prolly a 10M at 6:38 pace.  Low mileage seems to be working out for me.  The 13M race was my longest run to date this year.

Lift Weights/Exercises
Basically try to lift weights twice a week and do my hip exercises 3-4 times a week.

556.6 miles, 31 SBR workouts, 42:27

Would definitely had a lot more mileage/time if not for the race.  Had a good taper before the race, which seems to have worked out pretty well.  Was really able to hammer the bike (24.0 mph avg) but still feel like I had a lot in the tank for the run.  The week after the race, I really slacked off: no swimming and skipped a run.  All told I'm pretty happy with the mileage and time put in for the month considering I had 7 days where I didn't SBR at all.  Looking forward to some serious training in the next few months as I get ready for Augusta.

I'll do the local tri here in Fort Mill in June, but the main focus remains Ironman Augusta 70.3 for which I am now officially signed up for!  So now I'm actually locked in, spent the money, there's no turning back now!  Let the games begin.