Tuesday, June 12, 2012

200 Miles

200 miles sounds cool.  It just does.  Biking 200 miles in one week is something I had never done before.  My previous highest mileage week was 183 miles last year.   When the Memorial Day Weekend presented itself, we decided to go camping, so no rides on Saturday or Sunday.   So I was fresh and ready to go on Monday, Memorial Day. 

That week I did 50.5 on Mon, 32.4 on Fri, 52.2 on Sat, and then 66.6 on Sun for 201.8 miles (21.7 avg).  I was pretty pleased, but then thought that it really had an asterisk next to it because I only did 30M the week before and was pretty rested coming in.

So the second week, it was earned.  50.3 on Tues, 31 on Fri, 53 on Sat, and then 70.7 on Sun for 205 miles (21.4 avg).  Highest mileage week ever, and longest single ride ever.  Legs def felt it at the end of the 70M ride as I averaged 21.4 for that ride as well.

I surely was tired all day Monday.  407 miles in the past 2 weeks can do that.  But now its time for a little rest as the Baxter Tri is less than 2 weeks away.

Last 2 Week Training Block
14,150 yards, 5:39, 6 swims
Finally had some good workouts.  Last one in this block was 12x100's where I averaged 1:47's.  Pretty good for me.  I'm taking 60 sec rest so I can do them hard and work on speed (Thanks Tigerchik)

406.8 miles, 18:51, 8 rides, 21.6 mph average
Doing intervals once a week.  Still keeping every ride over 21mph.  Memorial Day 50 miler was at 22.2 mph.

52 miles, 5:55, 6 runs
Got some good 3:00 min intervals in.  Basically a 6x 1/2 mile repeats with 2min rest as I did them right at or under 6:00 pace.  Did that workout last 2 Saturdays.  Feel pretty good, but need to start working in some tempo runs.

2:40, 6 lifts
On to 3 lifts a week and exercises 4x a week.