Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dr. Miracleworker

I'm so old now I can't seem to heal on my own.  I've been seeing the Doctor the last three weeks and I've finally seen the light at the end of the injury tunnel.  Sometimes its more confidence than anthing else.  I've cut the training time way down, but definitely been upping the intensity.  Here are totals from the last TWO weeks:

13,350 yds, 6 swims, 5:10
The hip is not not hurting the swimming, but motivation certainly is.  I feel good, I feel fine, I'm just still slow.  Finally have something in the works, though.

153.6 miles, 4 rides, 7:02
I've cut out the Y trainer rides as my hips starts to heal.  So I've only been doing 2 rides a week.  I've been trying to make them count, however.  I'm doing intervals on Saturday and then a hard ride on Sunday as part of a brick.  Over the course of the 4 rides, I've averaged 21.8 mph.  So mileage down, but intensity up.  I will add in another ride starting next week.

35 miles, 6 runs, 4:04
Still on 3 runs a week per the Doc.  I'm doing an easy run on Tuesday, an interval run on Thursday, and then a pseudo tempo run on Sunday as part of a brick.  The Sunday runs have gone well.  7M at 6:38 pace, and then an 8M at 6:27 pace.

1:00, 3 lifts

196.2 miles, 19 workouts, 17:19

Doc finally released me as the last couple of Sundays I've been able to run hard without pain or soreness afterward.  I can 'feel' the hip (or actually my left upper IT band or the TFL), but it isn't really pain and I feel ok afterward.

The keys to my recovery have been many.  None of which I would have figured out without the Doc.
1. Recovery.  After a run or bike workout I go through a routine of IT stretches, drink 20 oz of water, take vitamin C, do a protein shake, and ice the hip for 20min.  Doc cited lack of hydration, vitamin C, and protein as the reasons for my soreness.
2. Don't run 2 days in a row.  Hence the 3 days a week of running
3. Hip exercises.  I do three exercises on the days I don't run: clam, leg lifts, and the supine mountain climber.
4. Core excercises.  I do these with the hip exercises: bird dog, crunch, and plank.

We shall see how it progresses, so far so good.  I'm starting to up my bike mileage, but runs not so much.  Only 3 weeks to Charleston!