Sunday, March 11, 2012

Springing into March

So here we are almost midway through March Already.  My hip seems to be slowly progressing, though seriously limiting my mileage.  Getting sick last Sunday night didn't help either.  Got the Fever from Hell, so didn't work out on Monday.  

6,150 yards, 3 swims, 2:25.  Did some 100's one day, then my fartlek 200's, and finally a straight 2,100 (you know, to simulate a 1.2M half race distance).  I've definitely learned a few things about swimming.  First, I am slow.  Not just slow in the sense that my typical pace is slow, but slow in the sense, that when I try to go fast and work hard, I'm still slow.  Its quite depressing.  My second attempt to hire a coach seems to be falling through.  One things for certain: I need help.

65.6 miles, 2 rides, 3:01.  Cut out the hour on the trainer and dialed back the mileage.  Trying to up the intensity however.  Saturday's 30 miler included 5x3min intervals with 3 min AR.  Ended up with a 21.5 mph avg.  Sunday was 65 deg and full sun.  Awesome weather!  Did 35 miles at 21.8 avg as part of a brick workout.  So the whole weekend was at 21.6 mph average.  Short, but intense.

15 miles, 3 runs, 1:47.  Keeping on my strict limit of 3 runs and 5 miles a run.  Tuesday morning was cold : 27 degrees, so that was slow.  Thursday night felt good and ran 6:54's.  Sunday's brick run went well.  Got some cramping in my left hammie, but just stopped and stretched for like 10 seconds and I was good to go.  Averaged 6:40's for the brick run.  Last mile was a 6:26!  Hip felt pretty sore after, but I went directly to the routine: stretch the ITB, protein shake, 20 oz of water, and ice for 20 min.  After dinner it actually felt pretty good.

1 Lift, 0:20.  The sickies put a dent in my schedule and I missed a lift.  Still striving for 2 a week

84.1 miles, 9 workouts, 7:34.  Not a lot of time, but some really good intensity before the Ides of March.

6 weeks to Charleston.  Hopefully my bike will be there, because my run will not.