Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Race Year in Review

OK.  So this is yet another self-absorbed addicted triathlete's weekly ramblings regarding their training and racing.  Everyone's got one, and no one reads them.  So here's mine!

2011 Races in Review (OA ranks are Men only)

April 20th CMS Time Trial Series 10M bike TT in 23:17 (25.7 MPH avg).  5/15 AG, 70/201 OA.  This was a lot of fun.

April 23rd TOA Triathlon Sprint, Raleigh, NC 13/24 AG, 71/203 OA.  62 Deg Water (no wetsuit) slooow start to season.

May 21st Over the Mountain Olympic, Kings Mountain NC  20/35 AG 91/197 OA First Olympic

June 18th Tri at Baxter Sprint, Fort Mill SC 1/16 AG, 4/70 OA The hometown Tri

July 16th Stumpy Creek Olympic, Mooresville, NC 7/60 AG, 38/334 OA Breakout race

August 13th Wawasee Kiwanis Sprint, Syracuse, IN 1/11 AG, 2/82 OA Parent's summer cabin

October 9th Rev3 SC Olympic, Anderson SC 1/22 AG, 15/171 OA Fastest bike Split in the race!

November 12th Thunder Road Marathon, Charlotte, NC 6/120 AG 27/606 OA 3:08:48 Boston Here we come!

My boys and my B16!