Saturday, April 9, 2016

Know Your Craft 5K Race Report

Usually early in the year I will do a 5K.  I didn't really have one on the schedule until I heard that some of the EPT Racing folks were doing the Know Your Craft 5K.  EPT (Epoch Performance Therapy) is kind of a sister team to Big Sexy Racing.  At least I like to think so.  I swim with a bunch of their team.  Epoch Universal also sponsors their team.  This year, EPT is getting all of their training and racing gear from Big Sexy Gear.  So I knew that I would know a lot of people if I did this race.

The race was at Triple C brewing.  Triple C brewing sponsors EPT racing, how cool is that?  I've been to Triple C a few times. Good Stuff.  I got there a little early and parked on Youngblood street.  The parking is a little scarce there with all the apartments and condos they have built up over the last few years.  Plus I hadn't gotten my packet yet, so I walked over to the little expo they had setup in the Triple C Parking lot.
Several of the EPT team was working packet pickup, so we chatted for a bit.  Some were racing as well.  I wandered over and checked out the rest of the setup.
Eventually I got back to the car and got my bib ready.  I did a full 2 mile warmup because I knew some of the guys up front were gonna be quick, and also because it was a 5K.  You gotta hammer these.
Soon, it was time to head over to the start.  I eventually lined up in the second row.  After a stirring rendition of the National Anthem by Emily Brinkley (EPT Racing and Race Co-Chair), we were ready to go.
Essentially you make a big loop.  The first mile was slightly downhill and with the wind.  Plus I felt pretty good.  I came flying through in a 5:20.  I was pretty happy with that.  I knew it was a little fast, but I kinda wanted to see what I could do.  I think I was in 8th or 9th at that point.
There was a little bit of wind as we headed up Tryon.  Then when we made the turn onto Tremont, we had wind and a slight uphill.  I know, excuses, excuses.  Plus I basically trained through this race.  It was a "B" race, right?  On a side note, that always cracks me up.  You're either racing or your not. Every race I have goals.  Every race I want to win my AG or Masters.  I don't care if its a 5K or 140.6M. Every race is a "A" Race.
Around the 1 Mile mark, EPT cheering me on
So I got my butt kicked in mile 2 with a 5:50. I did pass a couple people, but the guy in the pic above put some real distance on me in mile 2.  I tried to push as much as I could down that flat stretch by the light rail.  We ran on the wide, almost walking trail like cement that runs next to the light rail.  Good idea for a race, not tying up a road, just cross streets.
That section was pretty flat and the wind wasn't bad.  I gathered myself some on the last mile, not wanting to get passed.  I just concentrated on trying to push.
Making the turn near the finish
The last little bit was winding, with some uphills and such.  Luckily no one made a big push to pass me.  I held them off with a 5:38 final mile.  Definitely felt pretty tired that last bit. But I made a good push to the finish.
Free Post Race Beer
I came through the finish officially in 17:48.  Full Results Here.  6th Overall and I also won first Masters.  That's pretty much my goal now in every road race.  I hinted at this before, that "it's nice to be old".  I'm not going to make the overall podium in big races anymore.  So for me, the overall masters award is more prestigious than winning your age group.  So there's that.
The Masters Winners
So being at a brewery, we got to hang out and drink beer.  Yes, it was 10am.  Yes it tasted oh so good. It was nice to hang around with the EPT people as we waited for the awards.

The EPT Crew
I really like the t-shirt.  The fit and fabric are the kind that just works with my build.  They are made out of similar stuff as my BSR shirts.
For the overall Masters, I got two pints. One has a nice Triple C logo and the other is a beer running one. Then I got two $10 cards to Omega, and a $30 card to Inside Out Sports (that didn't last long).  Then later they mailed me a check for $20.  That's a lot for a $25 race entry fee. #sopro
The Spoils of War
Definitely a fun time.  I'll be putting this race on my calendar next year.  Maybe I can get some of the family to join me.  You know, so I can have designated driver.