Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Summer of Pain - Part Deux

Last week was the "big" week.  The week that was.  The week of complete idiotic volume.  Of total disregard for all humanity.  Well, maybe not, but when I say big, I mean more volume than I ever thought I would (or could) do.

Swim: 3 swims for 12,200 Yards
Bike: 5 rides for 301.2 Miles
Run: 5 runs for 53 Miles
Total Time: 25 hours, 11 minutes

This ain't no wimpy 140.6

Granted the time is probably a bit more because I swim so slow.  But it is, what it is, I guess. Now, none of these SBR totals are my highest weeks for that individual discipline.  But together, it's more mileage and time that I have ever put into one week.  Throw in that the day before the week started I raced Atomic Man, and you have 8 days of nonstop fun!

It helped that I had Labor off so I could get 3 workouts in there (B, R, and S).  Tuesday I got in my usual 40 mile am ride.  Monday and Tuesday were pretty ugly.  Not a lot of intensity, but that is the way I usually start off my weeks.  So I can rest from the week before.  Ironically I really had a great 4,200 yard swim on Monday.  Some of the fastest intervals that I've swam all year.
The Long Run

Wednesday was also typical with my early morning run and then 4,000 yard pool session.  The real fun didn't begin until Thursday morning with "The Long Run".  I did 23 miles and didn't feel too bad.  I had originally set out to run 7:30's but ended the run with a 7:14 average.  I was glad to finish the last long run feeling strong.  This is the longest training run, I've done since college.  I did a 22 miler training for the Charlotte Marathon (and not even that long training for Boston).
The Long Ride

Friday morning I hit the pool for another 4,000 yards and then rode 30 relaxing miles that evening. Saturday morning was "The Long Ride".  It was the longest by distance and time that I had ever done.  Nothing too hard, but also very little "stoppage time".  My total stopped time during the entire ride was only 12 minutes.  I see a lot of people do 6 to 7 hour rides, but their elapsed time is like 45 minutes to an hour longer.  I just don't have the time to stop for breakfast and lunch in the middle of a ride.  Anyways, I got back and took 2 hours to rest and refuel and then went on a leisurely 9 mile run in the afternoon.  Felt good as I averaged 7:02's.
Steady State Ride

Sunday Funday!  Bike steady state and a tempo run! My training plan definition of "steady state" is just above race pace, or race watts.  So I did a nearly 3 hour ride at 4 watts above my target IM watts.  It was a little ugly in the beginning but it went well near the end. 

The Tempo Run
Then the tempo run to finish the week.  I was really dreading that.  My legs felt dead and I was not encouraged during the 2 mile warmup.  However the first mile wasn't too bad and then I just kinda got into a groove.  I did the 7 miles of tempo in 44:35.5 which was a 6:22.2 average per mile.

I was quite stoked (does anybody use that word anymore?) to finish the week so strong.  After the week was over, I was more tired than ever recall having been before.  I stacked up pretty well in the ST training log.  Second highest points in the last 30 days and the week.  No. 1 in biking and 3rd in running for the week.
635 Point Week
As I write this we are about 2 weeks out from race day.  My first Full Ironman.  Still scared.  Still don't think I'm ready.  Still hoping for a wetsuit race. Still not sure if my target watts and run pace will place me where I want.  Still worried about the hills at mile 21.  That being said, I am prepared to go into that deep, dark, place of pain that is Ironman Racing.