Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Training Year in Review

So 2013 has finally come to a close.  All my 'gaudy' training numbers from the past year will reset back to "0".  Kind of a bummer when you look at your numbers in January, but it is what it is as they say.  Let's not dwell on that, but look at how we did over the past year:

338,564.6 Yards
127 Hours, 39 Minutes
142 Swims
High Week: December 9th 12,800 yards
High Month: December 42,950 yards
Slightly more yardage than last year (337K).  That was a little surprising due to the first part of the year was more drill based than yardage based.  Pushing for more yardage in 2014 because, well you know, I really stink at swimming.

5,087.9 Miles
234 hours, 12 minutes
21.72 mph average
129 Rides
High Week: July 8th 309.7 miles
High Month: July 835.4 miles
Slightly less than last year (5,139) but I had some longer rides, and some more intense rides.  Was psyched to get a 300 mile week in.  Overall speed average was higher (yes I know that doesn't matter and I shouldn't be looking at that, but I just can't seem to help myself.  Hopefully a powermeter will cure me of my speed obsession.)  Can we get 6K in 2014?

1,510.9 Miles
180 Hours, 35 minutes
7:10.3 min/mile
183 Runs
High Week: February 18th 54.9 miles
High Month: March 224 miles
Many more miles than last year (1,031) due to the marathon training.  Also at the beginning of 2012 I was still getting over my hip bursitis.  I felt really good through most of the year and was happy to have such a good run base.  On the flip side, I feel it burned me out toward the end of the year. So I prolly won't be logging so many miles in January and February.

Lift Weights
20 hours, 15 minutes
81 Lifts
Less than last year (23 hours), but the blasphemy of lifting weights will continue!

6,791.2 Miles
562 Hours, 41 minutes (with lifts)
454 SBR workouts
8% Increase in time from last year (521:06).

So that puts me at 14,517 points for the year (using the ST points system).  Next year I definitely want to hit the 15K point mark.  I should be close as I'll probably have more swim yardage and bike miles, but less run miles.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the year in training.  I guess I'll always be trying to find ways get more rides or longer rides in.  And try to find motivation to swim big yardage come August.  Mentally, I usually hit the swim training wall about then. Hopefully this coming year with the Masters group and Chattanooga it won't be an issue.  So Goodbye 2013, and let's get ready to wreak some Big Sexy havoc in 2014!!