Friday, November 22, 2013

Huge Big Sexy News!

Huge announcement this week as Chris McDonald announced his 2014 Amateur Elite Triathlon Race Team: Big Sexy Racing.  You know Chris McDonald: Six time Ironman Champion, Winner of BOTH Ironman Louisville and Ironman Lake Tahoe in 2013, nicknamed Big Sexy.

Chris posted a thread on Slowtwitch with a link to the 2014 online application.  The thread didn't get too much run, but it was enough for me.  I checked out Chris, his team, and his sponsors, and then really started to get excited about it.  I was hoping my stellar race resume and my just freaking stinkin' awesome 2014 race schedule would be enough to offset my ineptitude in the water.  His is Australian you know (meaning they all swim like freakin' fish).

So I applied right away and a couple weeks later I got a congratulatory email from Chris!  It was awesome.  I humbly accepted immediately.  On that Sunday Chris created a facebook group and the thing was blowing up all afternoon with people introducing themselves, and friend requests flying everywhere!  It was pretty cool. Official announcement here.

So why join a triathlon team?  For me its about the community.  I used to mostly train by myself.  This past year, I began biking with some guys every week and I really enjoyed it.   I've started swimming with a group and have enjoyed that as well.  Team BSR has already been a great way to connect to people in the triathlon community.  Plus getting some race apparel is sweet and supporting our sponsors is even sweeter!

Check out this lineup:

Plus, Chris promises more to come in 2014.  It is shaping up to be an incredible year. You can also check out our Facebook Page, and give us a Like!