Sunday, May 5, 2013

Back to Tri Training

All year I had been in Marathon Mode, getting ready for Boston.  I had been swimming and biking, but really didn't have a good routine down.  This week I finally got in a good solid week of SBR workouts.

7,100 yards, 3 swims, 2:34
Still not a lot of yardage, but did get some good quality in (for me).  Had a good 5x200 workout, and my right arm is feeling good (it had been hurting a little in the harder workouts).

162.1 miles, 4 rides, 7:10 (overall 22.6 average)
I got a rare Monday night ride in this week so I ended up with 4 rides.  I didn't ride the day before so I decided to push it for a tempo workout.  It felt good as I did 25M at 23.6 avg.  Thursday I did an interval ride, 7 x 4 min with 3 min rest.  I rode my FLO's with my new disc cover.  I hadn't ridden the FLO's since Rev3 Florida back in October.  I felt strong on that ride and did another 25 miles at a 23.9 average.

Then Saturday morning I got out early and rode.  The weather is unseasonably cool to say the least.  It was about 50 and cloudy.  I got in 51 miles doing the Lake Wylie Shiloh loop and ended up with a 22.2 average.  I did a brick off that ride, so I knew Sunday would be tougher.  I was lucky to get a ride in at all as it was supposed to rain all day.  The rain held off for the most part.  It was still only 52 deg, but I only got rained on a couple of times.  I got 60 miles in going out the Airport and around Fort Mill for a 22.1 average.  My legs felt it pretty good after that.

It turned out to be an awesome week of riding.  My overall average for the week of 22.6 for 162 miles is much better than I thought I could do the first week of May with the (somewhat) deficient bike training.  I'm still 213 miles behind where I was at this time last year.

28 miles, 4 runs, 3:13 (overall 6:54 average)
Got in 10 on Tuesday and 8 on Thursday, both at a 7:11 average Pace.  Both runs felt pretty good.  I did a brick run on Saturday after my 51 mile ride.  I hammered 4 miles for a 6:10 average.  But the last 3 miles I did in 6:14, 5:50, and 5:56 for a 6:00.3 average.  My last run Sunday night in the pouring rain was a interval run.  6 x 2 min with 1 min rest.  It felt pretty tough, and I had a hard time getting my legs going on some of the intervals.  Nevertheless, I came home in a 6:32 average

3 Lifts.  Mon, Wed, Sat

194.1 miles, 11 SBR workouts, 13:42

A good week.  Definitely gives me some confidence going into the Over the Mountain Race in 2 weeks.  I'll be ready if the swim doesn't get me!