Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Training Year in Review

Another year is behind us.  All those miles and yards that I have accumulated over the past 12 months will now be wiped back to zero.  Kinda sad to see them go, but excited about adding more to it.

Yards: 337,170
Hours: 131:59
146 Swims
High Week: 14,000 yards (February 20th)
High Month: 50,100 yards (February)

Miles: 5,139.4
Hours: 244:36
133 Rides
High Week: 266.2 miles (July 23rd)
High Month: 808.2 miles (July)
Averaged 21.65 mph for the entire year

Miles: 1,031.3
Hours: 121:30
153 Runs
High Week: 40 miles (July 23rd, September 9th, and October 8th)
High Month: 146 miles (July)
Averaged 7:04 min/mile for the entire year.

Lift Weights
69 times, 23 hours

Hours: 521:06
High Week: 22:20 (July 23rd)
High Month: 70:18 (July)

Overall a 6% increase in time from 2011.  Which roughly breaks down as a 4% decrease in swim yardage.  A 59% increase in bike mileage.  Then an 18% decrease in run mileage.  The big news is that I increased my bike mileage by almost 2,000 miles!  Hitting the 5K mileage mark on the bike felt great!  I'd like to do it again, while increasing my run mileage this year as well.