Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's All in the Bank

Just put the finishing touches on my final hard week of the year.  Felt pretty tired near the end.  Glad that I have two weeks until Rev3 Florida.

2 Swims, 5,600 yards, 2:06
Not much swimming this week (or last week for that matter).  Pool was closed Monday due to "chemical imbalance".  When I got back in the pool on Wednesday, I had only one swim in the previous 10 days before that.  Felt quite slow Wednesday and Friday.  I will definitely be doing some hard swims during the next week and a half.

4 Rides, 164.9 miles, 7:33, 21.8 overall average
Had a great tempo ride on Friday where I averaged 24.5 for the whole 41 mile ride.  It had me pretty wore out the very next morning as I could only average 20.6 on my 50 miler.  It was cool (about 50 degrees) and windy, in my defense.  I had a good effort on the Sunday morning interval session out to the airport and back.  10 x 5 min, with 3 min rest.

4 Runs, 40 miles, 4:39
Long run went ok (13M on Tuesday).  Felt a little flat on the intervals on Thursday, but felt good on Saturday (6 miler).  Was really hurting for the tempo run Sunday afternoon.  I did manage 7 miles at a 6:26 pace, but my legs just weren't there.

3 Lifts, 1 hr

10 SBR workouts, 208.1 miles, 15:19
Really need some rest.  Need to get my legs back, but I do have 2 weeks, so I believe I'll be ok.  I'll shorten everything up this week, but still throw some tempo and interval workouts in there.  Race week I won't do any tempos or intervals, and try to give my old legs some full recovery.  On the other hand, I really need to get some hard swims in.   This week will be a hard swim week.