Monday, September 17, 2012

The Last Hard Training Block

The last 2 weeks were the final push in getting ready for Augusta.  Not so much volume, but more intensity.  From here on out, I'll shorten workouts and get some juice back in my legs.  I've learned from the past that a 5 day taper isn't long enough, so we're gonna try to go a little lighter the week before the last week.  Trying to walk that line between enough rest but not lose fitness. 

13,850 yards, 5 swims, 5:27 (overall average: lets not go there)
Missed a swim because of Labor Day, and had one shortened due to Y lifeguard issues.  Still got some good swims in, with intensity and some 3,000 yard days.  I just keep plugging away.

323.1 miles, 7 rides, 14:38 (overall average: 22.1)
Nothing really long, as 71M and 67M were the longest.  Had some really good intervals with an 8 x 5 min and 8 x 3 min session. Really hammered the second week's tempo ride.  Rode 41 miles total and did 20 miles at a 25.8 avg.  Ended up averaging 24.4 for the entire ride.  That bodes well for Augusta.  I just need to keep that tempo up, then ride the hill down the last 10 miles.

70 miles, 7 runs, 7:55 (overall average: 6:47)
Stuck to my 13 mile long runs, trying to not get injured.  Also had some good interval sessions with a 6 x 3 min (all at 5:30 to 6:00 pace) and a 5 x 4 min (5:34 avg pace in the intervals).  Did an awesome brick the first weekend.  Rode 67 miles then ran 9 miles at a 6:20 pace.  Sorta combined a brick and a tempo run into one.  On the final day of this 2 week block I did a 7 mile tempo run and averaged 6:12's.  Even felt strong at the end.  My running is coming into shape and peaking at the exact right time. 

I finally feel like I am ready for the big boys.  Now, I am more worried about the logistics of the weekend and not my training.  Really pleased with my running and my tempo rides on the bike.  I just need to push, push, push all the way on the swim to try and come home in 25 minutes.